Tip of the day: two dishwashers

When I’ve heard it first, I thought: what a lazy guy! He told me he hates having to put the dishes away once they’re clean. So here’s his solution – install two dishwashers in your kitchen instead of the usual one.

two dishwashersThis means that once his dishes are clean, the dishwasher in regarded as the cupboard. When you’re hungry, just take the plates and spoons from the dishwasher/cupboard, then – upon finishing your meal, – put the dirty dishes in the second, vacant dishwasher. As soon as this second, vacant dishwasher is full, get it to clean your dishes. Once clean, this second dishwasher is now the cupboard, and you put your dirty dishes in the other one. Just like the circle of life.

(Actually, the lazy guys are relatives living in Australia)

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