2007 color trends for the kitchen

There is something that could be discussed a bit more with you home remodeling contractor when considering choices to make on what you would like the end result to be: color. Color has always been a key factor in home design, as well as in the success of housewares products, but it has intensified as consumers become more knowledgeable and sophisticated, according to Lee Eiseman, internationally renowned color and design expert.

“Color is such a huge enticement,” says Eiseman, who again will be giving two provocative presentations on color at the International Home & Housewares Show. “I don’t care how many potato peelers you have. If you see this cool new purple one, and purple happens to be one of your favorite colors, that’s going to draw you. Statistically, in the last few years color ranked anywhere from 60 to 75 percent in a product’s success. Now, we’re seeing as much as 80 percent.

Consumers are so much smarter, because there is so much information out there to empower them, to make them feel more confident in choosing color. And also there are those makeover shows on television. They say, “Ooo, I like the way that looks. Maybe I need to go for something like that.”

The kitchen “absolutely” is the key place for color, says Eiseman. “It’s the place where people gather. And so this is the area that is more apt to have mixing and matching,” she says. “Even if they opted for white appliances, there still is that inherent need for something colorful, whether it’s the bowls or the toaster. That’s why I’m so delighted that the housewares industry has so embraced the use of color.”

Now, some people think color only means BRIGHT color. But it doesn’t necessarily have to be bright. One of my eight palettes for 2007 is going to have very soft colors, which are coming back into play. Then there is the matter of countertops and the material they are made of. Some look for Marble for sale and their different materials and patterns. Since it’s not a surface you would paint, you can instead pick the colors of the appliances, kitchen cabinets, and the room itself around this first choice.

Consumers say, “All right, I have my red toaster, now I have to do something quieter.” Another big thing in the housewares industry is that this is an area where you are not talking about, for the most part, huge ticket items like new carpeting or new sofas. Instead, it’s the newness, the freshness, the appeal of something that comes by experimenting with an interesting color. It could be a kitchen gadget or a small appliance.”

In forecasting color trends, Eiseman notes that “We ask people, “What does this color say to you?”Yellow is the perfect example. In the last three years, yellow definitely has come back into play. That’s going to be a continuing phenomenon because it came about because of Retro. A lot of people associate yellow with mama’s or grandma’s kitchen. Also, from the psychological standpoint, yellow is always associated with sunlight, good cheer and a friendly atmosphere.”

As for this country’s favorite color: “It’s still blue. It’s the psychological impact. It’s the color of the sky, and blue says loyalty, dependability, and forthrightness. It’s always going to be there.” So would blue trump even yellow? “At this point in time, I’d say yes,” Eiseman says. “Certainly when tabletop is concerned, blue has remained a very important color. Now, when it comes to painting the walls in the kitchen, that could be up for grabs.”

What’s more, men are becoming more active in choosing colors for the home, but Eiseman adds that one can no longer pigeonhole “male” and “female” colors. “Pink is an example. It used to be strictly feminine, but now Donald Trump is wearing pink ties and pink shirts. And whereas brown was always a quintessential masculine color, women have really embraced it and are using it in clothing and the home, such as its dramatic use on dining room walls. So there is less of this male/female thing going on. But what if she wants to use yellow in the kitchen and he thinks it’s too feminine?” Eiseman laughs. “Guess who ultimately is going to win out?”

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