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History of the Kitchen Appliances – part 2

Early twentieth century

During the early part of the twentieth century up until the outbreak of World War I, kitchen design progressed very little.

Then the supply of female servants dwindled dramatically as many found work in factories, which many women preferred as it brought in more money and gave them greater independence. So, gradually, the middle classes had to start managing without so much help. New gadgets and equipment were invented and the old cast iron ranges were replaced with gas or electric cookers, you can also get more information about catering equipment at site like https://www.air-duct-cleaning.co.uk/catering-equipment/. In the 1930s, the well-insulated solid fuel Aga and Esse cookers were developed, and were often adopted where mains gas was not available. Discover More at Discount Water Filters for your kitchen here.

First AGA cooker  patented in Sweden by the inventor Gustav Daln in 1922. Continue reading →

Vintage Kitchen Design

I’m all for modern kitchens, but sometimes something different makes all the difference. So if you prefer something a little more vintage instead of modern, these kitchen remodeling designs are for you.

There’s something about vintage kitchen remodeling designs that can’t be defined and yet it’s there. Just take a look at these ideas from Marchi Group related to vintage kitchens.

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