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Contemporary kitchen

Don’t like modern? Rustic is not something you’re cut out for? No way to go minimal, but you want classy? Contemporary kitchens embody classic style and modern appeal at the same time. In a good contemporary kitchen remodeling project, you can find the balance between a crisp, fresh kitchen design and something that is safer, more appealing to the public (apparently, resale value is something lot of people consider when investing to a kitchen)castagna-cucine1 Continue reading →

Christmas decor in the kitchen

Kitchens – unless they are at the very heart of your home – are sometimes forgotten when you decorate your home for christmas. Despite, kitchens do worth and deserve decoration: I’ve collected a bunch of photos for you.

Red and silver – these are two of the most popular colors in the festive season. Here is some inspiration for those not yet fully decided on this year’s decor.

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Open shelves in your kitchen

Open and pull out shelves seem to be a growing trend in kitchens. Despite the desire for clarity and minimalistic space in modern kitchens, open shelves manage to escape this trend. If you utilize the storage cabinet amazon, it will benefit you in many ways, keeps the clutter under control as you’ll have all the space for the supplies, improves the functionality of the kitchen area.

Open shelves and custom cabinets add an offhand, casual note to an otherwise sterile kitchen and keep essentials within easy reach at the same time. Contact these home builders in Chicago to build them for you.

Open shelves are not easy to manage though. Here are a few tips to keep them tidy:


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Pot racks

Pot racks are used to be part of every kitchen. Do they have a place in a modern one?

There’s something unusual about pot racks in a kitchen. They probably went out of fashion quite a while ago (at least regarding ‘mainstream’ kitchens) However, many modern kitchens I see in catalogs often seem sterile and you’d never know whether anyone did ever cook anything there. But whenever I see a kitchen with a pot rack, it suggests to me that this is a real kitchen…where people cook, eat, gather. It makes the kitchen space feel used, living, sizzling with fresh food. Pot racks are a beautiful way to showcase your cookware, especially if you have a beautiful collection or perhaps those commercial hamburger press. And besides being a decorative element, pot racks are also quite functional.


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