Popular Kitchen Lighting Questions – the most common errors

So from today, I start a new series on kitchen planning topics: let’s collect the knowledge, pepper it with a few ideas. When designing new kitchens or renovating an existing one, there are several things to consider in order to avoid mistakes and achieve your dream kitchen. Here are the things you should consider when planning your kitchen remodeling project.

What are the most common errors made when planning the lighting for your kitchen?

  1. The most common lighting error is trying to light all your kitchen with one hanging lamp in the middle of your room. Not only does the single light become a source of glare any time you look into the kitchen (from the dark to the light.. you planned to use a biiig light, yep?). You also won’t get the needed light on your countertops. Every time you try doing any work you are working in your own shadow.
  2. The second most common error is to plan your recessed lighting layout in a grid pattern without any regard to your cabinet plan. The first question you must ask is: “why do I need light here?” Once you know why, then you can pick and plan the type of light you need
  3. The third most common lighting error is not planning for wall space for your lighting controls. You might place a full height refrigerator too close to the kitchen door. Other times there is a tall cabinet placed nearest to the entry. In either case, you’ll miss the place for lighting controls – right next to the kitchen door, on the inside. Tip: At each room entry location, you want to allocate enough wall space to locate a 3-gang wall plate. Since the gang boxes are recessed and fastened to the stud, measure from the stud, not from the door opening. If this is new construction, make an allowance for your door trim.
  4. The fourth most common error is to plan for lighting too late: lights need wires in walls: you better place them before hiring https://papermoonpainting.com/painters-in-austin/ for painting and putting up all the cabinets. If you have suspended ceiling, you might even prepare for more outlets and drill the holes for them later….It’s better to think about lighting early on when planning a kitchen remodeling project.


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