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An advanced lesson in hardwood flooring

Want to install new flooring in your kitchen (or any room, for that matter)? So did I. Here are a few lessons I’ve learnt – probably the hard way.Beautiful room with solid floor

Measure twice, cut once

Once my engineering teacher and numerous craftsmen told me this and its oh-so-true. Not just measure what you need, also what you already have.

Here’s my story: my open kitchen – living room had some stone-tile flooring and radiant heating below it. So far so good. Turned out, the stone needed breaking up as it was installed very-very badly – about seven years ago. I looked up at http://epoxyinstallers.ca/ontario/toronto/ and after a lot of research figured I had a choice: either I break it up or it will come up all by itself soon. Not liking surprise-self-destructing floors, I’ve chosen the chisel. Worked like a charm. Continue reading →

Compact kitchens

Every time I want to do something with my kitchen, I leaf through some magazines, dig the internet, see showrooms, the usual stuff. You see the latest and greatest in kitchens le grande, that looks all right in a showroom, but sometimes larger than my living room and kitchen together.

Soo, what do you do when you don’t have the space – or don’t even need a large kitchen? Yes, there are those so-called “compact kitchens” – small, rather ugly white boxes with a cooktop, sink and fridge. But you don’t want one of those, do you?

So what can you do? Or rather, buy?

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