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Starck Tower for Warendorf

As Miele kitchens rebrands itself and takes the name of the town in which the company is based – Warendorf – it is marking this change with a new kitchen. They’ve chosen one of the biggest names in design, no less than Philippe Starck to develop the first kitchen under the new brand.

Starck has created a kitchen design that represents something of a departure, both emotionally and functionally, from the traditional wall-to-wall arrangement of fitted kitchens. He calls the concept “democratic design” because its wide range of individual elements and the ability to combine them in different ways gives it potentially wide appeal to a range of consumers, lifestyles and spaces.

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History of the kitchen – Cooktops


Timber, preferably hardwood, was burnt on the fires, while the poor used dried dung and peat. In the sixteenth century, wood became scarce and seacole came into general domestic use. It was called ‘seacole’ because it was brought to London and the east coast towns by boat from the open cast pits in Durham and Northumberland. Coal cannot be burnt directly on a hearth, so the basket grate was developed to hold the coals.

Early ovens

The first ovens were spaces made under brick or stone hearths, but they were soon moved into the return side walls of the open fireplace. These ovens, which can still be found in old cottages, were to bake bread. A fire was made inside using faggots and the door left ajar to allow the smoke to escape up the chimney over the adjacent fire. When the brick-lined oven was hot enough, the ashes were raked out and the loaves baked in the residual heat. You can try this website if you need any help if you are hesitant and don’t know what to do.

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History of the kitchen

Designing kitchens necessitates the integration of functional requirements, together with spaces which are pleasant to work in. Before analysing these needs it is worth looking back in time to see the antecedents of the modern kitchen. This will help to articulate and clarify the different activities needed to prepare complex meals and to realise how radically modern technology has reduced both the space and manpower needed to achieve this.

Early kitchens

The earliest kitchens, all over the world, are simply open fires, most often out of doors which is still so today in countries with a climate hot enough all the year round to make this possible.

In Britain, little is known about kitchens until Norman times. After the Romans left Britain in AD 407, the culinary arts were largely forgotten. Food was often cooked outdoors on caul- drons or spits. This was to avoid the risk of fire and to keep smells out of the houses. Continue reading →

2012 Kitchen Color Trends

As kitchens more and more the central place in the home (just as it was for hundreds of years, before the television), they’re taking on more vibrant, energetic colors. Sure there are a few classics that are well-established as such for a reason, for example an appealing hardwood floor installation for a kitchen will never go away- it goes great with anything. As for the rest of the kitchen, more and more you’ll find that options for kitchen supplies are as varied as they can be.

The kitchen is absolutely a key place for color, says Leatrice Eiseman, executive director of the Pantone Color Institute, one of the premier color forecasters in the country. “It’s the place where people gather, so it’s apt to have some mixing and matching of colors to create high energy.”

2012 Color of the Year: Tangerine Tango

Since most appliances are basic black, white or silver, you need bursts of color on other places. “Most kitchens have minimal wall space, so it’s a good place to splash some bold color and make a statement without overpowering the room,” says designer Jamie Drake, author of New American Glamour, whose clients include Madonna and New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg.

We’re seeing bolder colors that complement stainless steel, as well as the darker cabinet colors that are in style,

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Kitchen Trends in 2012

As the new approaches, I have put together a list of a few kitchen remodeling trends that are in store for 2012. Let’s see the design, appliances, colors and lighting I think will be popular next year! You can call a kitchen renovation contractor for more renovation ideas.

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Design  A recent survey done by the National Kitchen & Bath Association (NKBA) has shown that what clients really are looking for in their kitchen remodel projects is a multi-functional space, which reflects their individual style. One component of this trend is the integration and concealment of appliances, which opens the kitchen floor plan, embracing adjoining areas of the home, rather than becoming an intrusion into them. The economy continues to encourage homeowners to consider products and designs that are affordable and deliver long-term value. Continue reading →