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Types of Kitchens – part 3

Kitchen in a cupboard

For the rock bottom priced kitchen, a new Kitchen Granite Countertop Installation, with a sink unit and open shelves above and below, will save the cost of kitchen cabinets while also providing a a great looking design to your kitchen. Why not also see these top weridest kitchen gadgets here that you will surely love to have!

There are bespoke ‘mini-kitchens’ prefabricated with various combinations, which are not cheap but worth studying for ideas. It will generally be cheaper and more desirable, but not quicker, to design a more client-specific combination instead.

These can be concealed with sliding or folding doors, which could also form part of a storage wall where the depth of the cupboard is suitable for clothes-hanging space alongside, and you can get them at home thanks to The Verde Group door installation and their professional equipment.

A good example is Culshaw Bell’s Complete Kitchen. (Read more for the big reveal! 🙂

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