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Moving and colors again

Finally, moving to my home is completed, new kitchen galore! Thanks to these excellent movers who made this possible, you should also know more about them. Back to this blog, finally.

(You only realize how much time you spent in stores, with contractors et al looking back after you’ve completed the project. Ah, bollocks, it’s never completed 🙂

Today’s theme is colors again. Interior designers, painters, etc and probably you all use color swatches (those little stacks of colored papers) when trying to find “your real colours”. Colors here are usually presented linearly, one after another, in the order they are on a color wheel.

The color wheel can be a very useful tool for you: it not just shows the colors, but also help you find contrasting or complementary colors if you know how to use it.

But what do you do if you don’t have the time, or decide that the color wheel is simply not for you? If you use the net (ehh… reading this, I presume you do 😉 you can find inspiration in every corner.

Today I’d like to show you three sites full of color and inspiration.

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