Modern Open Kitchens

The open kitchen has been a modern design staple for some time now. The pros of such an open and airy space, are many. They allow people to freely flow in and out of the adjoining rooms, and are usually closely located near a dining room or breakfast nook, which encourages togetherness, closeness and an all-around more social, and more interactive environment.

All of the kitchens featured here are modern, open, and mostly white, except for the few pops of color in each and every one.

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    #1 nhanhung on 08.27.19 at 7:59 pm

    Kitchen space is open space but is arranged in a closed circle:
    Unprocessed foods> Sinks> Finished areas> cookers> finished products are my design criteria.
    In addition, there is more feng shui element that is the kitchen is located in the corner area, but always facing the open position to help homeowners do business more favorable and prosperous

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