Fabulous Kitchen Designs

I’ve been to a friend the other day for a small get-together and we found that just about everyone just gravitated toward the kitchen – and we stayed there! If you think about it, the kitchen is probably the most used room in the house. And you don’t just stay there like that. (in most cases, anyway.)

Kitchens today have to do a lot more, as for most families the kitchen is now the pivotal room within the home.┬áThe boundaries for kitchen designs have widened so much that most ranges will include options for dining, working and relaxing. Which can make your options endless and sometimes complex. However, this is also a good thing – while you’re in the kitchen, you’re no longer in a confined space – you can stay with your family and so they can be with you.

I’ve collected a host of kitchen designs for inspiration – from country to modern, from eclectic to minimal. Enjoy!

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