34 Well-designed Kitchens

Here are more than just a few (more than 30, to be exact) kitchen designs that you can use as an inspiration for your next kitchen remodeling project– very different in style and size, but all are gorgeous and well-designed. All of them are deservedly the heart of these homes. The best kitchen features will make you love cooking and even stay in the kitchen for the whole day. It’s really great to have a well-styled kitchen with a complete set of kitchen appliances.

Probably your kitchen, which may have undergone services like Ottawa foundation repair, is far from many of the ones here (mine is, for sure!), but you can get plenty of inspiration from these photos. I’ve grouped them into 4: The Rustics show you the perfect countryside kitchen. The Farm kitchens have less bling, they are more sane but nonetheless lovely. Traditionally Elegant is just that: timeless elegance, subtlety and lots of great details. Finally, the Modernos: sleek, clean lines and glossy surfaces for you modern-lovers.


The Rustics

This rustic kitchen would be perfect in a chalet or a mountain cottage.

A perfect setting for a countryside house in the window seems to be a little close when you look at it from the new windows installed by the Raleigh NC Window Replacement Company.

… and if you fancy homemade pizza (or really flat bread 🙂 – don’t look any further, this is the place and you should also check this pizza hut crust options.

A perfect kitchen for six – with a slightly smaller dining table.  The vintage blue island with a new kitchen countertop installation is the show-stopper of this kitchen.

An elegant kitchen with dining set and furniture like armchairs, lounge chairs, etc. is really the heart of the home.

The Farm

Along the lines of the rustic style, but with more practicality and down-to-earth-ness. Sash windows sourced from the biggest sash window company in the UK.

Farm sink for a farm kitchen – does anyone know why do they call it this way?

Storage is the essence of the kitchen.

Traditionally Elegant

These kitchens fit best to traditional homes – subtle, elegant and rich in details.

Tiles can make a kitchen look cold… but combined with accents and complimentary colours, you can make it look good

A great example of a large kitchen you could actually live in… you have all your cookbooks, a desk for writing recipes, and an island big enough to go vacationing to!


This is a favorite for the gorgeous details like these front drawers and that amazing window from the windows dublin store.

This kitchen smells ‘real estate developer’, but it’s big enough for a large family

The shape of the walls are perfectly eugmented by the furniture in this kitchen. The stone insets are quite interesting, too.

White makes the kitchen look more spacious. But what if you already have much space? It makes it even more spacious, of course!

Ranges, complemented with a sizeable hood make for a very good (and quite expensive) focal point in your kitchen.


The call of this decade: sleek lines, flat surfaces, simple elegance. The island can be used as a table with these fun stools. When it comes to kitchen remodels, this design constitutes a nice upgrade as well as a refreshment of the kitchen’s layout.

The signature kitchen: if you really want to make an impression, what about a dash (well, a few buckets, in this case) of colour?

Blue kitchen

The essence of elegance: sleek modern lines, but combined with rich drapes make for a very elegant kitchen

With hidden appliances, your kitchen can even feel like (and fit into) the living room

This kitchen blends perfectly with the rest of the house.

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