Top 5 Contemporary Kitchen Pull Out Faucets


A beautiful addition to any kitchen, pull-out faucets feature a high arching spout that makes a strong design statement. Besides, it’s quite useful as well.

These five faucets offer the latest designs from the best brands. Rather than cheap plastic parts, these are faucets with a solid steel construction for an exquisite finish and lasting durability. These faucets make cooking more convenient as large pots and pans fit beneath the high spouts and the pull-out hand spray can reach even the farthest corners of the sink. A tall faucet offers a highly visible presence with a trendy style. With gleaming finishes like stainless steel, matte platinum and polished chrome, the faucets have a solid functional elegance. These sharp kitchen pull out faucets will add both function and glamour to your  kitchen.

Hansa Hansacuisine Kitchen Pull Out Faucet


The first faucet is the Hansa Hansacuisine Kitchen Pull Out Faucet – also known as Hansa Cuisine faucet or KWC Cuisine faucet. With a brilliant smooth finish, the Hansa Hansacuisine features a solid base that gently blends cylinders together. This sculptural effect brings a gentle essence to the otherwise sharp geometric design. Upon this base, theis faucet offers two distinct spouts. The high-arching model 5493 2213 (shown above) sweeps up and over to finish in a small flared pull-down aerator, while the second model 5491 2233 reaches up and over the sink and finishes with a convenient hand-held spray. Both styles of the Hansa Hansacuisine offer beautiful modern forms in gleaming chrome finishes, which brings a sophisticated shine to contemporary kitchens. You can buy the high arc 5493 2213 faucet for $351 in chrome. The 5491 2233 hand-held spray is yet to become available in the US.

Kohler Evoke Kitchen Pull Out Faucet


For solid geometric forms, the Kohler Evoke pull out faucet offers a sharp design. The Evoke faucet rises proudly from the counter with a triangular profile. The spout then takes a perpendicular turn, to reach over the sink. The spout blends seamlessly with the compact rectangular hand-held spray with black controls. The cylindrical control blends into the base, while retaining its circular essence. The Kohler Evoke has a strong presence as it stands high over the kitchen basin. Available in Polished Chrome, Vibrant Polished Nickel and Vibrant Stainless finishes the Kohler Evoke pull out faucet is $481 in Vibrant Stainless.

Hamat Ergo Kitchen Pull Out Faucet


The Hamat Ergo Kitchen Faucet contrasts weight and diameters to create a distinctive design style. The wide solid base contrasts with the slim control and the narrow faucet spout. The narrow spout flares to bloom into a heavy pull out aerator; like a drooping flower the faucet hangs over the basin. Besides the pull down spray, the Hamat Ergo faucet also features an ultra modern joystick control. With a fluid grace and controlled geometry, the Ergo Faucet has a refined elegance. Available in brilliant Polished Chrome and Stainless Steel finishes, the Hamat Ergo Kitchen Pull Out Faucet brings gleaming charm for just $530 from Fixture Universe.

MGS Designs Unico Kitchen Pull Out Faucet


Using an investment casting process, each solid stainless steel Unico Kitchen Faucet is individually crafted. Each faucet is hand polished and brushed to achieve its shiny or glazed finish. The MGS Designs Unico Faucet uses cylindrical forms to create this geometric faucet. The pull out spray has a compact and simple elegance, through its primitive forms. The Unico features a distinctive control which stands clearly at the front of the fixture. The slim wire-like handle bends and twists to mirror the tall arching spout. With the solid stainless steel finish available in polished or matte, MGS Designs brings modern designs a hand-crafted beauty for $1,320 from Designer Plumbing.

Dornbracht Elio Kitchen Pull Out Faucet


Finally the Dornbracht Elio Kitchen Faucet offers a soothing serene essence through harmonious circles and square angles. The cylindrical forms run along perpendicular lines for both a sharp and a soft form. The pull out hand spray offers a comfortable grip and easily extends the reach of the streaming water. The brilliant polished chrome or platinum matte finish brings a sophisticated edge to the modern geometric design. Created by Sieger Designs, the Dornbracht Elio brings a practical elegance to the kitchen. Available for $1,006 in Platinum Matte finish from Homeclick.

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