Vintage Kitchen Design

I’m all for modern kitchens, but sometimes something different makes all the difference. So if you prefer something a little more vintage instead of modern, these appliances are for you.

There’s something about vintage style that can’t be defined and yet it’s there. Just take a look at these ideas from Marchi Group related to vintage kitchens.

Marchi has two concepts: Loft and 1956. They are both beautiful but markedly different. They feature a retro interior and the old-school appeal that you can’t really recreate in modern kitchens. The 1956 kitchen feature a country-chic design. It has cream finishes and floating cabinets and shelves. They provide useful and practical storage space and they also help keep the kitchen lean and organized

The Loft kitchen has a different feel, a little more industrial. It’s still a traditional kitchen but with pastel teal colors and a series of steel fixtures such as the hood and the steel appliances. As you can see there is no standard range of materials to create a vintage look for your kitchen. It’s all about the way you use them and all the little details that bring everything together

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  • Naval kitchen

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