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Step 4 – How to Hire a Remodeling Contractor

You may choose to remodel your kitchen on your own, if you’re a DIY-type. However, most of us will end up hiring a contractor for kitchen remodeling as well as bathroom remodeling projects. Hiring the best contractor(s) you can find is key to a successful kitchen remodeling.

Remodeling contractorFinding the right contractor for a kitchen remodel might loom over your head from the beginning, but it is not that bad as it seems to be. With these few simple steps I’ll show you how you can hire the kitchen contractor you can trust later. (I’ll also save you a few sleepless nights in the process) Continue reading →

Tip of the day: Reface your cabinets

So you want a brand new kitchen without the hassle and expense of remodeling? Why not give your kitchen a brand new look? A great way to do this is to install pre assembled kitchen cabinets or even to reface your current cabinets as well.

Kitchen cabinet before refacingKitchen cabinet after refacing

Besides the fact that this is maybe the less expensive option for remodeling your kitchen, cabinet refacing does have some unique advantages, browse this site to learn about how you can improve the look of your kitchen. It offers long-lasting results with only a small inconvenience, but you’ll still be able to choose from a number of cabinetry styles. Though it may cost slightly more than a $2,000 to $4,000 refinishing or repainting job, kitchen cabinet refacing is usually completed in a few days and won’t leave all those chemical smells. If you are looking to fix up your kitchen within a tight budget and want to spend your home improvement dollars the most wisely, cabinet refacing could be the perfect solution for you.

Step 2 – Your budget

Woody Allen said once: “Money talks. All mine says: goodbye!” Funny it is for sure, but believe me, you don’t want to tell things like this.
After you’ve spent hours paging through design magazines, imagining every aspect of your dream kitchen, it’s time for a reality check: the budget. Sure, it’s not as fun as contemplating countertop choices, but giving careful consideration to budgeting can keep a project from turning into a nightmare.


While the national average cost for an upscale kitchen remodel is roughly $107,000, according to Remodeling Magazine‘s 2006 Cost vs. Value report, you may spend more or less depending on a number of factors. First, conduct a thorough and honest examination of your finances to reveal how much you can afford to spend. The National Association of the Remodeling Industry (NARI) offers a worksheet that makes this easy to do. With that number in hand ask yourelf, “How long do I plan to stay in my home?”

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Step 1 – The plan

Most remodeling projects require some planning, and the best ones are typically planned far enough ahead so that the details can sink in: how you use and live in a space should dictate the design, scope and cost of your project.

Are you itching to breathe new life into an outdated or poorly-functioning kitchen? Hold on. Put down the phone. Before contacting a remodeling professional, you’ll need to do a little soul-searching and research first.

Measure twice, cut once – any sensible carpenter will tell you this. “Planning is the first phase of any project, and most of the time it’sthe phase that’s ignored,” says Everett Collier, president of the National Association of the Remodeling Industry (NARI). “The more pre-planning that one can do, the better off they are.”

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