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Kitchen layouts made simple

If you understand the basic principles of kitchen layout will help take much of the mystery out of the design process. The most basic layout principle is the work triangle. The work triangle is the line drawn from each of the three primary work stations in the kitchen – the food storage, cooktop, and sink. By drawing these lines, you can see the distance you’ll walk to move to and from each area.

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Step 3 – The kitchen layout

You might put the most beautiful cabinets, technologically advanced appliances and high-end finishes in your kitchen, but if you screw up with the layout, the rest doesn’t matter. Here’s how to plan the best kitchen layout for your needs and fit your space.

When planning your kitchen, it’s important to give careful consideration to how you will use the space.

Think about these first:

  • your cooking style (what, how often, with what ingretients, ect. You know…)
  • the appliances that you are going to want
  • whether you want people in the kitchen with you and how many
  • or do you want people sitting on barstools the other side of the bar, talking while you cook

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